Who We Are

Iceland Transfer was created in 2023 and is run by an Icelandic family with extensive experience in the Icelandic travel sector. We specialize in linking travelers with local guides and drivers for seamless adventures. Our goal is to fulfill every traveler's desires while discovering the breathtaking beauty of Iceland, providing excellent options at competitive rates. Moreover, we ensure all our partners/supliers are reputable and fully insured for your peace of mind. Let's turn your dream of exploring Iceland into a reality!

Our values

Making transparent decisions with a primary focus on meeting our clients' needs. by providing information and insights promptly and openly.

Customer Support

You can easily get in touch with us by sending an email to [email protected] or by clicking on this link to reach our customer support center.

Iceland’s Nature

Iceland is famous for its unique scenery and natural beauty, We are excited. to assist you in responsibly exploring everything that Iceland has to offer.

Have an Idea

Let us work with you to bring your vision to life. With our expertise and dedication, we can help transform your idea into a adventure of a lifetime.

Iceland Transfer Value Proposition

We, at Iceland Transfer, provide seamless and efficient transportation solutions for visitors to explore our island effortlessly. We connect you with local guides, chauffeurs, taxi services and tour operators at the most competitive rates. Additionally, we create custom tours tailored to our clients' preferences.

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What they say about Iceland Transfer?

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help our clients create once-in-a-lifetime adventures at affordable prices and create jobs for local guides and smaller Icelandic travel companies that sometimes have a hard time reaching clients. Our suppliers have so much to offer: experience, equipment, knowledge and are eager to share all that they have to offer.

At Iceland Transfer, ensuring the best value for your money is our top priority. We are your dedicated local helpers and travel agents, ready to provide unwavering support whenever you need it. Our goal is to provide competitive prices by either offering lower rates or matching prices from leading travel websites. If you come across a better deal elsewhere, we will strive to either lower our price or negotiate with our suppliers to match it.